One on One with Hideo Kojima

Posted January 19, 2013

Hideo Kojima had made his presence here in Dubai a few days earlier, the man best known for being the brain behind the beloved gaming series that’s been celebrated for over 25 years had come down here to promote and celebrate Metal Gear. Amid swarming fans of his work, we at Youth Arabia managed to have a word with him regarding his work and the newest game in the series that’s coming out next month.

Excerpts from the interview

Youth Arabia: For a game that you made 25 years back , what were your thoughts when you made the first game for the MSX ?

Hideo Kojima: Well there were 3 departments in Konami – computer games , arcade games and the MSX. I was looking at arcade games and not at MSX but the director of MSX loved me and I reluctantly joined MSX  thus leading to the first Metal Gear being developed for MSX.”

YA: For Metal Gear Rising , how do you explore the story of Raiden?

HK: There is a good balance of game-play actions and cutscenes because of the collaboration with Platinum games. In terms of Ground Zeroes , the story telling through cinematic cutscenes has become rather quite outdated thus I employed a new method for story telling.

YA: Did you have anything to do with Phantom Pain , since the character bears a resemblance to Solid Snake? 

HK: Kojima -(Laughs) Phantom Pain is being made by Moby Dick studios , I do not have any part in that game. I saw the resemblance there though. 

YA: Psycho Mantis is one of the most iconic villains in video game history, what inspired him to come up with such a character and game mechanic ?

HK: Usually the game exists within the monitor but I wanted to create something that involves the surroundings besides the controller and the console. For example , the character ‘Meryl Silverburgh’ wants to know the frequency of the wireless radio; for that the player would have to pick up the CD cover and look at the back of it for the frequency. Likewise , the same idea to create something beyond the monitor was used for Psycho Mantis.

The idea , at the beginning  the idea wasn’t so much well received  now however it’s recognized so I can say that we have broken the fourth barrier. 

YA: What other projects are planned for the Kojima productions company ?

HK: Within what I am allowed to mention – Ground Zeroes and a few other titles that I am involved in script writing and designing. As a producer, I have Metal Gear Rising

YA: Would you consider doing a Metal Gear Movie ?

HK: I would preferably take the role of an on-set adviser. The metal gear games are optimally designed from a gaming perspective – in terms of characters , their universe, design ,script, environment and mechanics. So it may not work so optimally for a film. So, if I did make a Metal Gear movie it would be against my beliefs. If one day, I were to make a film , it would be completely different not related to Metal Gear.

 Spent a great evening picking the mind of Hideo Kojima and we are truly humbled by his presence

 With inputs from Kevin Sebastian,  Ankur Vincent Peter and Aditya Arte

  • kenshigros

    Kojima is lying here saying he has nothing to do with Phantom Pain saying as excuses than it is from Moby Dick Studios…So the real question is who is the CEO of Moby Dick S.?
    You got it!

  • Kforce8291

    As being a MGS fan from 1998 when Metal Gear Solid launched on the PSX platform. I was hooked right away. One of the many views that caught my eye was “Tactical Espionage Action.” From playing this game religiously, one of the many aspects that grew on me were cut scene’s. Comparing the Metal Gear Solid franchise from the trailer to Phantom Pain, they are just too identical to just be a simple coincidence. In addition from playing this game for 15 years. The one outstanding aspect of the game is Stealth/ movement that Snake projects. That being said, MGS and Phantom Pain are completely identical. Also, there were quite a few parts to the Phantom Pain trailer that mirrored previous MGS flashbacks. The only thing I can’t wrap my head around is “The Giant Flaming Fail Whale” noming a helicopter out of the sky’s. This being said. I believe Phantom Pain Is MGS V, which is being ran on the Fox Engine. Below is the link to the Phantom Pain Alternative trailer. Find the hints for you’re self!

  • B

    After MGS2, the series began to stall a bit. MGS 4 was good and it introduced new ideas, but the games that came after weren’t that good, so i’m a bit sceptic about GZ.

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